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EX-GP B/JXJ cycloidal pin gear speed reducer

The product’s enterprise standards are based on participated industrial standards, and product’s technological level is in the lead in the industry.

1.Large transmission ratio: single-stage transmission ratio is 1/9—1/87; twin-stage transmission ratio is 1/99—1/7569; combination of multi-stage transmission ratio can be used too.

2.High transmission efficiency: single-stage transmission efficiency is 0.85, while twin-stage transmission efficiency is 0.72.

3.Compact structure and small volume: adopt planetary transmission principle; input shafts and output shafts are on the same shaft, which connect to motor directly, so that structure is compact and volume is small.

4.Balanced operation and low noise: transmission needles have many teeth, with large overlap coefficient and engine balance, so that operation is balanced and reliable and noise is low.

5.Durable in use: ball bearing steels are used for main transmission parts, with good mechanical property and wear-resisting property, with rolling friction among transmission parts, so that breakdowns are few and life is long.

6.Possess strong overload capacity, impact resistance, and small inertia moment.

BJXJ cycloidal pin gear speed reducer d

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