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EX-GP JWB/X series continuously variable transmission

The product’s enterprise standards are directly transferred to industrial standards, and product’s technological level is in the lead in the industry.

The product adopts modular design, including motor input, shaft input, and hole input. With bottom studs and vertical installation, it applies to various slowdown and speed-change transmission mechanisms.

1. With low energy consumption, low noise, and small vibration, transmission efficiency of the reducer is superior to that in the same industry.

2. With small volume, good rigidity, strong strength, and superior heat dispersion.

3. Friction pairs adopt high-performance alloy steel and special technology for heating processing. Friction pairs are superior in wear-resisting property, long in life, and low in temperature rise.

4. With flexible speed regulation, direct output speed-change range is five times.

JWBX series continuously variable transmission d

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