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EX-GP NCJ series gear reducer

Product standards participate in overseas industrial standards, and product’s technological level is in the lead in the industry.

1. With low energy consumption, low noise, and small vibration, the reducer’s efficiency is as high as 92%-96%.

2. With the use of made-to-order broadband wide-voltage motor, it can be used normally within the efficiency range of 20Hz—60 Hz.

3. Module production is used in parts, with strong interchangeability.

4. With cast iron box, it is good in rigidity, high in strength, and superior in heat dispersion.

5. Gear pairs adopt carburizing and quenching, with unique low-noise tooth profile design, to guarantee the product’s service life and advanced design.

6. It is large in torsion, small in volume, low in temperature rise, and wide in output speed and range.

7. With the use of special gear grease, reducer can operate for 20000h normally, without oil change.

NCJ series gear reducer d

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