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Planetary Gear Drives

Female Splined Output.png
Female Splined Output
Male Splined Output Hydraulic Brake.png
Male Splined Output Hydraulic Brake
Planetary Drive Capstan Application.png
Planetary Drive Capstan Application
Planetary Drive Input Male Shaft.png
Planetary Drive Input Male Shaft
Planetary Drive Oil Tank&Coupling.png
Planetary Drive Oil Tank and Coupling
Planetary Drive Totque Arm Output Hollow.png
Planetary Drive Totque Arm Output Hollow
Planetary IEC Motor Adaptor Foot-mount.png
Planetary IEC Motor Adaptor Foot-mount
Slew Drive IEC Input Adaptor.png
Slew Drive IEC Input Adaptor

STM Planetary Drives are very compact but high torque, can transmit high power too.

Suitable when applications are subjected to shock load and overload.

High efficiency, low noise, offer wide range of ratios, mounting versions, output shafts and input motor adaptors.

orque capacity up to 1,300,000Nm

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